Thursday, September 17, 2015

Staying up late to blog

I was fixing supper and Brady asked me, "What's for supper Momma?" He ask me this question at least 3-4 times a day, maybe more. The weather had changed and was feeling like fall, so I told him, "We are having venison stew." "Like the Tawny Scrawny Lion!! We are gonna have carrot stew?!"
I read a Little Golden Book to Brady and Anne everyday at naptime. They absolutely love this downtime and two on one time with me. They alternate each day picking out the book, so one day it's Anne's and the next day it's Brady's. Most of the time, they do a good job remembering who's turn it is to pick and know that if it's not their turn they have to be happy with the other one's choice. Brady loves Tawny Scrawny Lion and 101 Dalmations, I think he's onto the fact that the longer the book is, the longer he gets to stay up. Anne has been picking Cinderella often. It's fun to see such a simple thing make a huge difference in their day and ease in taking naps at 3 and 4.
Some days it tough taking the time to read them a book, then tucking each of them in. I read to them together, then sing, "The Cuppycake Song" and pray with each of them in their own bed. I can see that these days numbered, so few, and that makes me just want to sit with them a little longer.
I don't have time to write all the details I'd like to save but I'll try to give some highlights and at least get caught up a little.
Bethany turned 11! I don't even know what to say about this, it seemed surreal. Her birthday was on Labor Day this year. I went into labor with her on Labor Day, also our first anniversary, but she was born in the 5 AM hour of the morning after.
It was nice because Joe was home for her birthday. We went out for breakfast, came home and watched home videos of her birth and first days. It was a sweet time, and we all loved it. I don't know where the time went. My heart hurt a little watching it but I kept telling the pain to go away because we have so much to be grateful for and seeing her grow and change is a beautiful blessing.
She made her own cake, all by herself. I guess that sounds sad but it made her happy. Joe and I went away for our anniversary and did a bunch of needed shopping. Bethany benefits from that most years, we gave her clothes and shoes, plus a Boogie Board. She loves to write words and doodle, so the Boogie Board was perfect for her. She loves it!
Joe and I celebrated our 12th anniversary by getting my mom to keep the kids while we stayed overnight in the city. It had been over 18 months since we had gotten away and we might have gone a little hog wild. We ate really great food, drank rich coffee, like I said, did hours of shopping and enjoyed our alone time. It was so fun, I always love spending time with him, it never gets old. I love sharing life with him, he is my favorite part.
We have been marking the school days off the calendar. We took some field trips to the zoo, history museum and toured the Nina and Pinta. It's been hard to be mom plus teacher several days. I've really struggled with the constant calling for my help by everyone at once. I've been, we've all been, frustrated with the littles for being loud or having meltdowns. This is turbo multitasking. Can I get an IV combo of caffeine and patience?! It's not easy, but it is rewarding. I know it sounds simple or ridiculous but my planner this year, has helped me stay on track and focus on my priorities. Keeping such a detailed planner helps me see all that we are accomplishing and I am productive. Now I have proof of all the things we learned and ways we grew, when I look around and Brady and Anne left the house completely "rearranged".
Did I say fall is in the air? My soul is happy. We are ready. I've been burning an apple candle, working on fall wardrobes and just might bake pumpkin bread tomorrow. We had an incredible amount of fun last weekend at a church picnic in Joe's hometown and Brady is already begging to go to the pumpkin patch. And, the evening sunlight, it just calls me out to take pictures, which is good because I am so far behind getting updated pictures of the kids. I'm hoping to spend a couple of evenings with them soon. These are a few, unedited pictures, I shot after they had been playing outside for hours.
Brady plays and plays with his cars and trucks. It's something Joseph didn't enjoy so I love that it's unique to Brady. He gets them all dirty and then washes them off in the hose.
Tonight, Brady told me, "I think it's so neat that Daddy is named after Joseph." :) After church, Jenna was talking non-stop, giving me all the details of her class and she just kept going. After about 20 minutes of me sitting and listening, Brady comes over, sits on the couch, he was wearing safety glasses and a hard hat, crosses his arms and says, "Now Jenna, I want to hear the WHOLE story!" He says some cute stuff.
Laynee loves to swing and Anne was being very sweet with her.
Anne also likes to swing. The weather has been so nice that I can open a few windows and let Brady and Anne play on the swing set while we do school at the table next to the windows. This has been very helpful for everyone.
Our house is on the market, still. This has been a little frustrating, especially since I let myself fall in love with a house that would be a great home for us with lots of TLC. I do trust the Lord's timing, I keep having to give my plans over to Him and rest in His faithfulness. We'd really like to sale our home before winter, so please pray we get a buyer.
Laynee is still crawling, still toothless and still just as sweet as ever. She is getting more sure on her feet and I expect she'll start taking some steps soon.
I had a second iron infusion, in 3 months, last week. I won't know what to do with myself when that iron kicks in. I can't wait! So long anemia, I hate you!
Lastly, I recently began to study the scriptures on submission as a wife. It's been several years sense I'd really given it much thought. Recently, for no particular reason, I've felt the need to exam the issue in God's Word and in my heart. I came across this sermon from John Piper and just want to encourage others to listen to it as well. Submission is a scary word, it's been interpreted many different ways, distorted. I want to know what it really means and this sermon helped me see the beauty of submitting to Joe and what I can do to give glory and honor to God in my life as a married woman. It's definitely an area I need to grow in and will continue to study more seriously. More women need to be talking about it.

It's almost midnight, Thursday is coming, so I'm wrapping it up here. Good-night!

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