Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumpkins and Pouting

One of our kids favorite family traditions is going to the Pumpkin Patch. They look forward to it all year. Brady especially continually asks when we can go to the pumpkin patch, so when we finally tell him it's open he is excited. It seems only a few months ago that he was counting down until we could take Laynee to the pumpkin patch and now it's her second year. We went by ourselves on fall break and then again with Joe's whole family. It's really a special place, so much simple fun. The goats and slide are the best.
Coming back to reality from fall break has been tough. I was optimistic on Monday for about 10 minutes and then I just wanted to declare it another week of adventuring in the beautiful fall colors, closed, shelved textbooks and freedom! The littles were loud and demanding, and the older kids weren't happy to discover that their workbooks were still about diagramming sentences, fractions and cursive. There has been crying over spilled milk, library books left out in the backyard during a downpour, a 6th grader who had to get 2 very scary shots and some serious waving of a white flag.
Pandora playing, burning fall candles, and praying for patience and grace has gotten me through til Thursday. I think I'll be okay, I think we are gonna pull it off but it's taken me some serious determination to not get on the self pity train and have myself a good meltdown. Or lock myself in my room and pretend there aren't 1,000 pieces of paper cut into 10,000 pieces of paper all for the cause of being scattered in the dining room floor.
Keeping it real, motherhood is sanctifying.

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