Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Our tree went up before Thanksgiving. The kids slept in front of and around it that first night.
 I kept it simple this year. At first I thought we might not put anything on it, but over time we added some paper snowflakes and paper chains and the kids happily strung popcorn and cranberries. I was surprised at how excited they were to do it, they loved it.
I figured with Laynee almost walking and our house being up for sale, we would forgo the ornaments this year. We kinda missed getting them all out but that will make it more special next year.
We've been eating lots of clementines. All the kids love them. Laynee likes to eat them but also says "Ball" and plays with them.
She is such a happy little stinker. Everyday she is taking more and more steps. She is as less fearful and now just sits down if she loses her balance. For the past 2 weeks, we've expected her to take off at any time but she isn't in a hurry.
Brady writes his name on everything. His birthday is tomorrow and that is one thing that is going on his cake, his name that he plans to write himself. He and Anne both love to write letters and erase them in the window on the front door. They get so much enjoyment out of it.
Laynee has 3 tiny teeth showing through now. She signs, more, please, thank you, milk, eat, all gone, Mamma, light, bird and baby. She started saying, Papaw and Bubba (for Joseph).
Brady and Anne play together all the time. They definitly fight but their imginations keep them busy too. They still love playing Mom and Dad and have their same friends Jep and Jan. They go back and forth and don't miss a beat talking about their days at work or making phone calls to each other. They will say, "Ring-ring, calling Dad, calling Dad."
The picture above they were playing cats. Brady had tucked a belt into the back of his pants for a tail and they were crawling all around the house pouncing and jumping.
Joseph has been having the time of his life hunting many hours and days on end with my dad. He finally had the chance to take a shot at a 7pt buck that he'd been eyeing from the trail camera. He shot and the deer fell. My dad and Joseph were celebrating in their tree stand, hollering and high fiving. As they were about to get down and go to the deer, it jumped up and ran off. They tried to track it but it got dark.
The next morning Joseph and I tried to find it, so that he could get the antlers from it but we couldn't find it. It was a bummer but he has a deer story! Still hoping he might get a deer before the end of the season.
We attempted a self timer picture on Thanksgiving. I thought the one above, a test run, is the best.
All the kids like to help me cook, especially bake so we have to take turns. This was Anne's turn. She loves to taste test everything. It's really funny, because she will eat celery, salt, sugar, flour, butter and it all taste great because she feels like she is geting away with something.
The day the kids were stringing cranberries she ate a cranberry. I expected her to spit it out but she said she loved it and kept eating them. Each of the kids came in at different times and I told them, "Anne loves the cranberries, you want to try one?" They all hated them and it wasn't until after about 3 said they were gross that Anne decided she didn't like them either.
No one told Brady to kiss Anne. Joe bought them antlers from a trip to the Dollar Store and they had so much fun with them.
 I don't even know how my BradyBoy is turning 5 after midnight tonight?! Oh my sweet boy. I lost myself looking back over the night he was born and his newborn pictures. What a precious baby boy he was! Then one, two, three and four!
No time for sadness, I'm just excited to celebrate another year of BradyBoy. He and I got to spend some alone time together yesterday. We did some shopping for his party. He is simply so much fun and a cuteness overload. Still melting my heart.
Joe and Joseph are putting up outside lights now. I'm expecting 6 packages to be delivered today from FedEx and UPS. I'm short one Christmas present but after that I'll be all done. Most of it was done online. I love online shopping.
So far, this December is shaping up to be pretty laid back. I have purposefully tried to keep it simple and no overbook myself. Praying for a healthy Christmas. Brady and I baked his cake this morning, he's waiting on me to decorate it.

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