Sunday, February 14, 2016

Moving is fun for some

We are in the process of moving. As always, moving isn't very pleasant or easy. Joe was home for a couple of snow days last week. Thinking we were going to have to be out by Friday, we made a mad rush to get a storage unit and started filling up the vans and making trips back and forth. We also had a faucet start leaking in an upstairs bathroom that added to the drama of the week. Thankfully, we were able to move almost all of our things and get the bathroom leak fixed, but closing has gotten pushed off for supposedly this week.
As uncomfortable as this moving process is for me, the kids are loving almost every minute of it, especially the fact that their beds are now in the living room. Full on camping out in front of the TV and jumping on the beds!
Joe and I have been going non-stop and are both exhausted. These days have been long and crazy busy. Joe, Bethany and Joseph have moved so many things and packed most of the storage unit themselves. I have been super proud of Bethany and Joseph for all the help they have been. As much as I hate it, I've had to do very little because lifting heavy things triggers my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel or the lovely Braxton Hicks. Snow started coming down today before we could finish making a few last trips to our storage unit, but we basically only have mattresses, clothes and kitchen items left here.
Brady and Anne are enjoying have new things to play with, seriously, this moving thing is lots of fun if you are under 18 apparently!
I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Whoop, whoop! I told Joe yesterday, "I'm so proud of myself!" :) I couldn't be more grateful that God is seeing me and this little one through. 20 weeks pregnant for the 7th time, is no small task for me. It is amazing that this is really the life God has for us. We should be finding out what we are having this week! All of us are hoping for a boy to bring some balance into the family but a girl will be perfect too of course.

LayneeBoo is 18 months old and just growing and changing as fast as can be. We just can't even tell you how much we love her. She is getting a mind of her own and lets us know when she isn't getting what she wants right away. She signs many signs and tries to say many different words or sayings. She tries to say, "Ugga Mugga" from Daniel Tiger and Joe likes to get her to say, "Go Big Blue!" during Kentucky basketball games. She loves watching basketball games with Joe.
She is cutting a mouthful of teeth and still working to be more steady on her feet. I feel like she is our clumsiest walker. She is very possessive of her space in mine and Joe's lap. She will push Brady and Anne away when they get too close for her or come running if one of them are sitting with us and throw a fit if she has to share. I am not too worried about how she will be when the baby comes because she loves babies. She is loving and sweet with dolls.
Cuddling and sitting with us is still one of her favorite things. She is still true to her calm and laid back personality. The baby stage is slipping away but having another baby to look forward to helps.
Joseph had the awesome opportunity to practice with and compete, as an individual, with Joe's middle school archery team he coaches at school. This is Joseph's second year shooting and he absolutely loves it. We are both so proud of him! He scored his personal best in the region tournament, a 241. The greatest part for Joe and I, is watching him do something he enjoys. We are excited to see how much he is going to continue to improve!
Bethany started taking piano lessons after Christmas break. I had taught her enough to get her playing some Christmas songs. After listening to those songs over and over and over all Christmas season, I knew I didn't have the time to keep up with her desire to learn. I had to get her some lessons so that we could have something different to listen to in the house. She is such a hungry learner and honestly, I should have sent her to some lessons sooner. Learning to read music and loving the play is good for her mind and spirit.
A super neat thing is that she is taking lessons from the same teacher I had and love dearly! I took lessons for about 9 years from Mrs. Goldsmith and couldn't imagine a sweeter, more encouraging teacher. Bethany can't wait to go to lessons each week and comes out blissfully happy each time. Again, makes my momma heart so, so full!

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