Monday, February 15, 2016

Sticking a bookmark in these passing years

It's finally empty! 

We nearly lost our minds, broke our backs and killed ourselves. I fell down twice today, once in the snow and once on a wet floor. I put the garage door down on the van bumper, I said "Mercy!" more than I can count. The hours we put into this moving out part is insane and that's probably why I feel insane right now. 
(And my husband, he is amazing! I have no idea how he pushes himself and keeps going and carries heavy awkward things, dressers and mattress, down steps, by himself. And after all that, mops floors on his hands and knees, scrubs behind stoves and fridge floors. He is actually still moving furniture to get us settled into our temporary home with family and I am just done.)

Shutting the door on an empty house always makes me cry. All the echos make me remember so many memories and sounds. Bringing home babies, watching kids play on their first swing set, remembering all the water play on the back deck and just realizing how the years pass us by all while we make memories. These kids are growing up and these precious years are my favorite ever. Knowing a huge chunk of time is over is like a big bookmark along the way. We aren't sad to see the house go, but it's a bittersweet overwhelming realization of gratitude and awe to know that all those ordinary days in that house are forever over. We move out and move on. I guess more than anything I realize God's goodness to us, His faithful provision during our time there. 
We moved in 5 years ago with 3 littles and 1 on the way and we leave with 6 and 1 on the way. We've lived in that neighborhood for 10 years. So much life lived, time gone by. I don't know where we will move to next but I know as long as I have these people we can make a home and memories anywhere. 
Here's to continuing this grand adventure of living the ordinary days and finding beauty in the little things. 

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