Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What a week!

Yesterday we found out our little #7 is a healthy girl! Big surprise for all of us but we are excited. Joe and I were worried about the boys being disappointed but when they found out, they were so fine with it. Joseph said it just feels normal now being that this makes 3 girls in a row. Brady had initially said he wanted a girl. He was too young to have an hopeful guess with Anne and with Laynee he was sure it was a girl all along and so happy when I was pregnant with her knowing she was a girl. He was so excited about her.
Soon after the start of this pregnancy he switched his vote to boy from all the peer pressure from Joseph. After he found out it was a girl I asked him how he felt about it and he said,"Actually, I was hoping for a girl!" A big grin closed his eyes and he kissed my belly. ❤️ He is so sweet and asked if we could hang all the ultrasound pictures in his room! ❤️❤️
We are fresh out of girl names, Anne's name was decided a week before she was born and Laynee's took us awhile to figure out too. After 4 girls, it's hard to find names that don't sound like the other girl's names. There are a few I like but none of them feel right, so we aren't in any hurry to decide. 
We closed on our house this afternoon. The kids wanted to go back one last time today, all of them except Joseph left before we were completely moved and weren't there Monday night when we left the house empty.
I knew it was going to be sad but also felt like they would regret not getting to go one final time. Joe had the door opener and I was planning to open the door with the key box but when we got there, the realtor had already removed the key box so we couldn't get in. Queue the ugly cry, Jenna lost it. I drove to Joe's work to get the opener and back. 
It was hard for Jenna and Bethany but I just reminded them that we have hundreds of pictures of all kinds of good times there and a better house to look forward to in the future. Transitions like this are a big deal when you are a kid, and even as an adult, who am I kidding?! Our kids especially, spent so many full days there, hours and hours sleeping, eating, playing and doing school. 
Laynee walked in, went to coat closet, and pulled at her coat for me to take it off and hang it up. She was excited to be back!
Joe and I are still catching our breath and  catching up on sleep from our past couple of crazy weeks, but we are getting there. I'm definitely excited that bedtime is almost here!

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