Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter, baby bonnets and our dog Max

Our Easter was pretty much perfect. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed a great Easter Sunday service at church, followed by a yummy lunch and leisurely afternoon and evening. We had an egg hunt and a scavenger hunt with the kids and my mom, Mamma.
I sewed Laynee an Easter bonnet. Thankfully, she kinda likes it and wore it for a long time. I sewed one for my new niece Hattie and decided to make one for Laynee while I was at it. It is a very accurate and easy free pattern from Purl SOHO.
We are all thrilled that Max is back! After he left us for a few days, his owner let us know that he was home and if we really wanted him, to please come pick him up. The kids and I found him on his owner's neighbor's porch and we have had him almost 2 weeks now. He is just the perfect dog for us, aside from the fact that he runs off and likes to take long distance walks if he's not kept on a leash or chained. He doesn't seem to mind being chained or on a leash, he is always wagging his tail and loves all the attention. The kids spend alot of time outside with him and taking him on long walks.
Hopefully, we can get a wireless fence for him when we get a house of our own again. He is a very gentle dog and loves affection from everyone, even Laynee. She pats him and thinks he's so fun. The first night he was back, she toddled over to him on the porch with her blanket in hand and covered him up with it and then laid on it and him. She also likes to share her paci with him. :)
This morning, the windows were up and Brady was outside talking non-stop telling him one story after the other. Everything from we celebrate Easter because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, to how we never had a dog before, to how Anne and he don't like Granddaddy Long Leg Spiders. For over 40 minutes, he just kept saying, "And oh, Max..." Max just laid there listening, drifting in and out of sleep.
We had a thunderstorm last night and the kids went out to check on him. He was getting wet, even on the porch, so they covered him up with a blanket. An hour later, before I went to bed, I checked and he was still laying on the bench covered up and sleeping.
Max is such a bright spot in our lives right now. It really is like God sent him to us. He fits so well in our big and busy family. He is laid back and well behaved. The kids love taking him to the park and especially Bernheim and he is just the kind of dog that can go places and not have to worry about how he will respond to other people or animals.

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