Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sunshine and settling in

We are settling into our temporary residence with family. Living in the woods with lots of privacy certainly agrees with all of us. Being able to get outside and enjoy these random springlike days has made all of us happier, especially my little redneck kids. Shooting BB guns in the front yard beats being stuck in a neighborhood.
Anne is excited that Laynee is getting a little sister. When I ask her for name suggestions, Anne always recommends "BradyandAnne".
Bethany worked on building a fort in the woods with the younger kids. They have spent hours and hours scavenging the creek for washed up bottles and treasure rocks. It's fun to watch them loving and playing in the same woods I used to play in with my siblings.
We call Anne; Anne, Annie, Annie Bananie and Anne Charlotte. When I ask her what her name is, she says very pronounced, "Anne E."
She loves to talk and tell stories, not always factual. She is very bossy and requires her voice to be heard. When she sets her mind to something being done a certain way or someone doing something wrong, it must be dealt with immediately. She is not athletic, is laid back and won't get too physically involved but has a big voice.
She is quite lazy, loves to dress in layers and layers of clothes, and really down right adorable to the core! I just love her little personality and think having a 3 year old couldn't be any sweeter. Sometimes she drives us bonkers with her hardheaded, stubborn way of holding out when something isn't fair or she's "too tired" to pick up her coat, but one thing is certain, I've definitely softened on these toddler years and struggles and just love them dearly.
Bethany has a very special patience with Anne, not that it never runs out, but it lasts so much longer with Anne than anyone else in the house. Anne can be very challenging, especially because the two of them were roommates. Bethany and her will go around and around on things like how far the door should be left open vs. left shut, whether the light should be left off or left on, Anne demanding for another blanket and then a softer blanket, Anne expecting Bethany to get her a drink, and then a drink in a different cup. I am always amazed and proud of how soft and giving Bethany is with Anne, not that she doesn't get upset with her, because she does but she is always forgiving and generous in patience with her. I love their bond.
 Brady came up from the creek crying because he had rocks in his boots. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I traveled a really long way!"
We had a couple of little boys coming over to play and Brady wanted to know their names, I told him one of their names was Tucker. He said to himself out loud, "Oh yeah, Tucker. Like tuck your shirt in. "

Laynee's hair is growing thicker and longer everyday. I am so excited about this little redhead's hair. I was so hoping that Anne would have red hair because she is named from Anne on Anne of Green Gables, but if I had to pick, I'm thankful that Laynee got the red hair because she is named after my grandma. Grandma never considered herself to have red hair. One time I referred to her hair as red and she told me her hair wasn't red, it was auburn. :) So, Laynee Kathleen's auburn hair makes me smile and I can't wait til it's long and unlike the boys, I won't have to cut it short.
Laynee is changing everyday and becoming more and more of an independent toddler. She loves books, especially lift a flap books and will have me read the same ones over and over. We got her one at the library within only a couple times of reading it she remembered which animal was behind which flap and will say the sound they make before she lifts it up.
She is eager to learn new signs all the time, more so than words but she is learning new words too. Her favorite new word is "Sissa" for Sissy, Bethany. She calls for Bubba, Joseph and Sissa first thing when she wakes up from sleeping. She love to say their names and constantly gets their attention by repeating their names over and over.
There isn't anything on the housing market for us to buy right now and we still have to rule building in or out. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and dealing with bottomed out thyroid levels. My medicine has been increased but that takes several weeks to 6 weeks to feel a difference. This is the kind of fatigue that feel like  you have bricks tied to your head, arms and legs. I'm hoping to at least have more energy by spring break, so we can enjoy going and doing some fun things.
Right now the calendar is filled with Joseph's basketball practices and games, Bethany's piano lessons, {that she is loving and excelling at} doctor appointments and fieldtrips and school work and it's all enough to make me ready for bedtime every night.
I really shouldn't complain because in some moments I think this seventh pregnancy isn't too bad, for a seventh pregnancy, but then again, it's hard and feels like a seventh pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, doctor visits every 2 weeks, Braxton Hicks, carpel tunnel, hypothyroidism, yeah, I feel like I'm falling apart most days. It's worth it and I can't wait to meet this little, still nameless girl. She is active and moving more and more strongly everyday.
Grateful for the busyness that helps the pregnancy pass a little faster, but also grateful for the break in this halfway point of moving to find a new normal and be able to enjoy the daily beauties with these kids. They bring us so much joy!

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Miranda said...

Im laughing about the many names of Anne. We have a 16 mo old named Annabelle, and I keep saying we have to pick one name or her lol. She is "Annabelle, Anna, Annie, Annie Bananie too! Annabelle Bananabelle,Annabelley girl, Annagirl,and Annabelle Elizabeth LOL