Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anne's 4th Birthday

Annie turned 4! Her birthday was a sweet day. We sang happy birthday to her as she blew out her first candle on her waffles at breakfast. Then I took her outside to get some pictures.
The grass was wet and "super itchy", she had many complaints and some tears about it. Super is her latest word, she likes to say super with everything. Super hungry, super scary, super tired, super huge, super naughty... so many of Anne's adjectives are prefaced with super.
I had a hard time getting any real smiles from her, until I encouraged her to make funny faces while standing on the golf cart and off the super wet and itchy grass.
 Finally got one! :)
Anne was most excited about getting to make her birthday cake. She requested purple cake and purple frosting but I couln't find purple cake mix, so she was happy with a pink one. At the end of the day, when asked what her favorite thing about her birthday was, it was making her cake. She did most of it by herself. She is great at cracking eggs and "read" the back of the cake box. She said we needed a "gallon of water fur our next ingredients".
Brady planned a birthday tea party for Anne in "Bethany's Woods" an area of the woods that have been named hers. He used the wheelbarrow and pushed the table and chairs into the woods. He is quite the hard worker, it is pretty far from the house. I gave him the food and he and Joseph set the table.
It's been a blessings living these past 4 years with our AnneGirl. She adds so much to our family and we all just kinda adore her, spunkiness and all. She is laid back yet bossy. She is sweet but will stand up for herself. She likes for us to call her "Ann E.". Brady is her best buddy. The two of them continue to make the cutest little pair who love each other more than they know, but can fight very loudly too. She is a loud voice in this big family. She likes to dress in layers. She will wear leggings in layers of 3, or leggings under shorts. She wears a couple of shirts at a time, she shoes are most often on the wrong feet. Ever since she was walking and talking, I have said she has the makings of a big sister, because she is take charge and enjoys telling others what to do. She is a leader even though she is one of the youngest in the family. She loves to talk, she will tell a very long descriptive story about most anything. She is very expressive, using her hands and her eyes. I would rather listen to her tell a story than watch a movie, it's so cute. She loves playing Sheriff Callie with Brady. He is Jep and she is Callie. They also play Mom and Dad and go in and out of character no matter where they are or what they were previously doing. During their tea party, Anne randomly asked, "So Dad, how was your day at work? How was work?" He gave an exhaustive sigh and said, "It was good."
Anne reminds us of me alot, she seems to have inherited many of my traits. She hates exercise or anything that requires her to sweat. She loves for us to give her affection but doesn't show affection often. She loves to sit in Joe's lap and will snuggle next to him, her cheek to his.
We can't count all the ways she makes up smile. My heart just keeps growing with love for our Annie. I'm so grateful for her life and her special place in our hearts and family. These birthdays keep whirling past {The day she was born, her first birthday, her second birthday and then her third.} and I am hanging on to every little bit I can.
We love you so much AnneGirl! Happy fourth birthday!

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