Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring break week

Spring break 2016 is almost over. I'm scrambling around to catch up on laundry and housework before back to the real world of Joe at work and us in school. We are fortunate to have these breaks as a family and I'm so grateful for this past week.

It's been a great week of sleeping in and lounging around. We went to the zoo, Bernheim and the science center. We grilled out 3 times, survived a bonfire in a windstorm. We enjoyed some nice sunny days and some cold dreary ones. Joe and the kids took daily golf cart rides, Max went on lots of walks and even on a day trip. Laynee loved being outside, loved swinging and toddling and picking dandelions galore. She learned to say "Hello" and repeatedly tells Max, "Sit, sit, sit." plus, she now says, "Side, side, side" every time she begs us to take her outside. We ate peanut butter pie and brownies and ice cream. Joe and I had a stupid fight over cleaning the kitchen, keeping it real, and I had a bad attitude over the fact that my body is falling apart and I have probably 10 weeks left of pregnancy. AKA forever!!

I went to the doctor and told her all my pregnancy related ailments, that just leave me wanting to sit in a recliner all day and feel sorry for myself because it's spring break and I would so rather be feeling great and able to take a hike or a long road trip. She apologized that there wasn't anything she could do to help me with 3 very major aches and pains. She said I have every right to have a pity party and in that moment, I felt better, not physically, but emotionally. Pregnancy is hard, every time it just gets harder. I complain but I'm really grateful and so excited to meet this little one. There is no doubt that all the aches and pains will be worth it, I think they make it all the more worth it at the end.

One of the best parts of spring break was finally knowing her name. Baby #7 has a name. Joe and I have gone around and around, read over numerous baby name list on Pinterest. I've ruled out so many names we both liked because they had the same first letter as our other kids names or ended in an "ee" sound. There is nothing better than settling on a babies name and knowing, it's the one. I'll share it in a later post. :)
Now to switch the laundry and a get a little more of a head start on my Monday.

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