Thursday, May 19, 2016

Boys will be boys

BradyBoy is one hard worker! There is no telling how many miles he has pushed this wheelbarrow around the property, that is up some very steep hills! Over and over, he totes his load of rusty junk from the top of one hill to the bottom of another, from the edge of the woods to the back of the field. He has been red-faced and sweaty and a look of complete satisfaction rests on his face. He loves to work and when we move, we are going to have to get this boy his own wheelbarrow.
The cutest part that I wish I'd never forget is he calls it a "Whirl-barrow" or sometimes it sounds more like "Wool-barrow". It's like it's his dog that he has to walk. The other day, he had to fix the wheel, because "it was clicking". The pin that holds the wheel on had fallen out and gotten lost. Joseph and he, wired it back on. The wire was sticking out causing a clicking sound and he trimmed it off.
I love seeing his perseverance, his drive to fix things, his need to be productive. He has changed so much in recent months, he's growing and the big toddler boy is becoming such a little boy.
I can't believe he starts Kindergarten in the fall, I also can't believe how excited I am about officially adding another student to my planner. I know he is going to thrive, take off and find so much joy in learning. This momma is ready for an eager learner. He does some really cute things like line up all his scrap metal, run around without a shirt and he still collects pieces of metal, rocks and glass bottles.
He's also still sweet as pie and can't wait to meet his sister Hazel. Every night he kisses my belly and says, "Night Hazel." Sometimes he's a crybaby, sometimes he's loud and rough and takes down his sisters. Sometimes he disobeys and wears his new shoes outside and through the mud. Sometimes he makes the fastest messes, cuts up paper in 1,000 tiny pieces... sometimes boys will be boys.

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