Friday, May 13, 2016

Jenna Grace turned 8!

 It's birthday season in our family. Jenna turned 8 last weekend. We had a stomach bug hit the kids a few days before and were so grateful that it didn't interfere with her big day. We had soccer games in the morning, Jenna scored 2 goals. Then we cooked out, baked a pink camo cake, per her request, and watched the Kentucky Derby.
Jenna loves stuffed animals, the bigger the better. She wanted this giant stuffed doll and was thrilled to get it. She also wanted an coloring book of scriptures, and we loaded her up with lots of candy. Candy is her love language!
I can't believe how much her smile has changed in the past year. At 7 she had just lost her first tooth and at 8, well, she is missing a mouthful!

 I wanted to get some pictures of her, so the evening of her birthday I told her to go get an outfit on she wanted her pictures in. She picked out this pretty dress up dress. At first I was a little surprised, it wasn't really what I had in mind, but then I just didn't even care. I am so glad that at 8 she wants her pictures in dress up and she loves getting her pictures taken. I will always remember that when I look at them.
I didn't have to beg or sneak or bribe a single smile. These are all genuine, authentic Jenna.
And when Laynee wanted in on the fun, Jenna was eager to let her plop down in her lap and say, "Ch-eese!" Jenna is a very good big sister to Laynee, she packs her around, even though Laynee is almost half her size.
On birthdays, we all go around the table and say things that we love about the person. Things that were said about Jenna is she is very happy. That she doesn't worry about what other people think of her, that she actually worries very little and is carefree. We said that she makes friends easily, she is a very friendly person, definitely an extrovert. Brady said that he loves all the teeth she has lost, because we go out for ice cream every time.
I am really grateful for Jenna's playful, laid back personality. Some things, like reading, have been huge struggles for her, but then other things like, making friends, being confident in who she is and growing up come very easy for her and I love that!
We are so grateful for this beautiful little girl! She adds so much laughter to our family. Her giggles are seriously the best! I'm so proud of who she is becoming and obstacles she is overcoming. I am amazed when I take a moment to look at these pictures and suddenly, I see how much she is growing up. She has always taken each day as it came and all these days are adding up.
The day she was born is one of my absolute favorites, forever! Looking back on her first birthday is just so sweet. Jenna Grace is a precious gift and will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm so grateful for 8 years of being her mom.

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