Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Some days I think I'll surely lose my mind before breakfast is over, but every night I crawl into bed overwhelmed with gratitude that God has given me these 7 lives. The bottom line is always, there is nothing else in this world I value more and want to invest my life into than these precious children. I'm so grateful for each of them, that I get to watch them grow up and that they call me mom. I don't deserve these good gifts and I fail so often but I'm grateful for so much grace they extend to me.

Joe got up at 5:45 this morning, he got the kids up to make me cards and clean the kitchen and CLEAN OUT the van, an all day job, he vacuumed and washed the van and picked up breakfast and coffee for me, all by 9:30.  All with 6 kids in tow, while I slept in. 
Such a great man loves me and takes great care of me. I could never be this mom without him. God really knew what he was doing when He gave me Joe to make this life with.
Being a mom is all I ever wanted to be and I'm so thankful God saw fit to fill my life with Bethany, Joseph, Jenna, Brady, Anne, Laynee and Hazel.


Carrie said...

Hi Miranda,
This is Carrie Sargent. We once were in the same homeschool group as your parents. My mother-in-law, Carol, was visiting us this past week and your name was brought up. She told me about your blog. I have enjoyed peeking into your busy world!! I especially LOVE all of the pics!! You and your family have been my night time reading for the past two nights! I thought I would say hello and will continue checking in on y'all!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you so much for commenting Carrie. Great to hear from you, thanks for reading. :) Your mother in law is just the sweetest lady, love her!! Hope you and your family are doing well.