Thursday, June 16, 2016

Breech baby update!

So, first off, if you read my blog post from last night then you know about Hazel Joy and the breech fiasco she caused. If you prayed for her to turn, THANK YOU! I had an ultrasound today and she is head down, praise the Lord! The only thing I did to try to help her turn was see the chiropractor twice this week, but all the credit goes to the Lord. Now, praying she will stay that way. 🙃 I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and expect to still be induced next Wednesday.

Secondly, tonight was the last night of our fun, busy week of going and serving at VBS. I finally took a picture of my little VBSers. Bethany was too old for VBS this year but enjoyed serving in the nursery. We all had a blast and it was a perfect mental mile marker to keep me focused on not having a baby this week. I've had a bunch of must do's to check off the calendar before Hazel could come and I think I've reached the end, so pray I can just rest up these last few days and actually get some sleep because you know, it's kinda awesome. 
Thank you friends!

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SailorMoon said...

I cannot believe your having this baby this soon!! Where has the time gone?

Blessings to you!!