Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hazel countdown!

Summer is here and I'm not sure when it officially arrived. It was a slow start to getting Joe home for summer break and getting our own summer break started. We have finally closed all the schoolbooks and new ones for next year are arriving often. The hot days are here to prove that it's truly faded into summertime. And this belly is telling me, it's time to have a baby girl very soon.
Joe and I had some really sweet times making memories for his birthday. We took a very short trip to Nashville and have had a few dates to a wedding and doctor appointments. Anytime we get to have away is so much fun and I just fall more and more in love with my awesome husband. I'm so grateful to have him by my side, living this full life with me. I really couldn't function without his encouragement and all the ways he serves me.

June has been packed full with doctor appointments, summer must do's and this week VBS is in full swing. I haven't had much time or energy for picture taking and blogging. I've spent alot of hours listening to podcast and sitting in the a/c and just getting through these last weeks of pregnancy. I've definitely moved slow and taken things easy, there have been many aches and pains and sleepless nights and I don't pick anything off the floor but somehow, I feel like I've managed the 3rd trimester better than I expected. Not that it's been easy, because there is nothing easy about being pregnant for the 7th time. Don't anyone think I'm supermom over here working miracles managing it all! My feet are swollen and I'm throwing out pjb's  and working on training my older kids to successfully run laundry from start to finish, clean the kitchen dishes and floors, 3 times a day. Bethany and Joseph do so much to help out from helping the littles with baths to cleaning bathrooms, often with good attitudes and unasked. Other days it's lots of struggling to finish a tasks well and do overs to get it right the 4th time.

I've only just recently started getting things in order for a baby Hazel. I was afraid if I packed a hospital bag or folded baby clothes too soon, I'd surely start to lose my mind and obsess about her coming any day, to the point of being a giant basket-case.
It feels unreal to finally be so close to meeting Hazel! It feels really good! I'll be 38 weeks on Saturday. I had an ultrasound at 35 weeks and she was breech. While Joe and I were on our way to Nashville I thought I felt her turn and then the following week, I thought I felt her turn breech again. I'm not sure if she did, but I think she may have gone from breech, to not breech and back to breech again. Either way, an ultrasound last Friday confirmed that she is in fact breech, so that has put a little bit of a rush on her arrival. No complaint from me! I am scheduled for a version a week from today, next Wednesday morning. We are hoping that will work, like it did with Laynee. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, especially since I have had a successful version before, which is rare. If it's successful then I'll be induced and if not, I'll have my first csection.
I'm trying to trust in this waiting and know that either way, a healthy baby girl is all that matters. I welcome prayers for us both! Her names means "God sees" and I find so much comfort in the truth that He has each moment, that He owns all our tomorrows. I'm praying for peace to take things moment by moment.
We are all super excited that the countdown is on. The kids are all so sweet, even Laynee points to my belly at least once a day and says, "Hazel" although it sounds like, "Say-zel". So cute!
I have some amazing ladies in my life that surprised me with the sweetest shower for Hazel and myself. I was overwhelmed by their precious gifts but most of all, the blessing of each of them in my life. This is really a very rich time in my life of having women that support me and encourage me, I am humbled.

I made this video for Joe's birthday. It wasn't exactly all that I hoped it would be. It was a good reminder that I need to video more often, plus I love how it somewhat captures our life right now.

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Rosemary Sauter Frett said...

Beautiful video, it is so meaningful. Thank you for sharing it with us.