Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hazel Joy's Arrival

June 22nd, 2016
I originally was supposed to arrive at the hospital at 6 AM to have a version if Hazel was still breech. Depending on the outcome of the version, I'd either be immediately induced or have a csection. I had been trying to prepare myself for whatever the outcome and was just so ready to meet our Hazel Joy and have her here healthy.
The night before at 9:30 the hosptial called and asked me to not come in at 6AM but wait and come in at 10AM. My doctor had some surgeries scheduled and wanted to get through them first, to ensure that when I needed her, she would be available. If I came in at 10 I'd be her only patient. I was very relieved by this change because I got to sleep in longer. :)
And curl my hair. :) The nurses teased me for having curled my hair but I told them I didn't want to be the haggard mom coming in to have her 7th baby!!
We arrived the next morning, as I figured, Hazel was still breech, her head was under my rib. The nurse came in to get my IV started and I warned her that I am a very hard stick, every time I'm pregnant. I had an incredible nurse who was very attentive and caring. She was such a blessing to my labor. I found out that she and I are even related by marriage so that was fun!
My nurse, Kayla, tried to get my IV in and the vein blew. She had a second nurse come try and that vein blew. Next a third nurse came and two of my veins blew in my other hand. So frustrating! The IV is always the worst hurdle for me. After 4 blown veins, they decided to have the anesthesiologist put my IV in before getting my epidural for the version.
The anesthesiologist numbed my inner elbow and got my IV in first try. It proved to be a big nuisance all through out the day and my labor because I had to keep my arm straight. Thankfully, it was in though. After my IV, they sat me up in bed and started getting things ready for my epidural. As this was happening, I felt Hazel turning. She had moved like this several times over the past weeks. I'd have discomfort in my back and I felt like she was either turning to or from breech. I wasn't 100% sure that I was right, I mentioned to my nurses that is felt like she might be turning. After my epidural, they laid me down in the bed. Kayla was putting the monitors back on my belly and Hazel's heart beat had moved from the top of my belly to lower, much lower. She said, she felt certain that Hazel had turned and was head down! She immediately called my doctor and she came in right away. As soon as she put the ultrasound wand on my belly we all saw Hazel's head down and the room irrupted in cheers. The nurses at the nurses station all heard and knew what had happened.
Hazel started to wiggle and move again and we all held our breath and said some prayers that this was going to work. My doctor asked nurses to hold both sides of my belly to keep her from turning and as she was about to try to break my water said, "Well, I am about to break your water and we don't even know if you are dilated any." I hadn't been checked all pregnancy because Hazel had been breech and we didn't want to cause anything to happen on it's own. Unbelievably, as I was trying to just go with whatever and not get my hopes up, my doctor checked me and I was dilated to 2!
After she broke my water, Hazel continued to wiggle. We all were still holding our breath. Soon after the doctor had held her in place long enough, we knew that everything had been successful and it was so unbelievable that she had turned on her own! I wasn't going to need a version, the threat of csection had gone WAY down and I was on my way to being induced.
We had so many people praying for us and I know that all of this was an answer to prayers being sent on our behalf. I am humbled that God graciously gave me the gift of laboring in this way, I am still overwhelmed that He saw fit to answer our prayers in this way. I had so much peace about whatever the outcome would be and I know that was all due to people praying for me. {I am amazed when I think how if I had gone in at 6, I would have had a version because she most definitively would have still been breech. The timing of it all is certainly ordained by God.}
 Breaking my water and starting Pictocin all happened a little before 1pm and really the hours following went very slowly. We were hoping for a baby before Kayla's shift ended at 7pm. I really prepared myself for it not to go quickly because it didn't happen that way last time. As 7pm came and went, so did Kayla. I had been at 8cm for some time and was getting frustrated. I was starving, I hadn't eaten since 7 that morning. I was uncomfortable in the bed, and I just wanted to have Hazel here! My new nurse was Sheri and she was just as amazing as Kayla, so, so sweet and completely awesome!
At 8pm, I was finally to a 9. I got sick so I felt like things were probably going to be getting serious. Slowly, I started having more and more discomfort with each contraction and suddenly it was so uncomfortable and I just wanted to have her out NOW! Sheri checked me and said we were ready to have a baby and they called my doctor. It felt like no one was in a hurry but me and my doctor was never going to come. I don't know how long it took, but time stands still when you are in pain and I was so miserable.
At 8:46pm, after 3 big pushes, Hazel Joy came into the world crying. A miracle. A sacred moment. An undeserving gift. A dream come true that I could've never dreamed. Seven times, seven times indescribable, seven times God has given Joe and I these sweet babes, who is like the Lord?
I had thought she might be under 8 pounds because since Jenna, my babies have progressively gotten lighter and lighter. She was also induced 2 weeks early, only Jenna was induced that early and she weighed 9lbs 6 oz. It was surprising that she weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 20in long.
Things were a little rough after she was born for me because I had some excess bleeding but medicine successfully stopped it. I had to keep my IV in case things didn't get better. Kangaroo care was difficult because I could only lay with my Hazel on my chest and couldn't bend my arms. IV in one arm and blood pressure cuff on the other going off constantly. So thankful for the opportunity to experience this moment again though.
I'm so thankful for my Joe. Sharing these moments with him is the very sweetest part. He is my rock, the support and encouragement he gives me on a daily basis is reflected in these life events. I say it over and over, all the time, I couldn't, I wouldn't want to, do this life with anyone else. All my heart is his.
More pictures to come!

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