Monday, June 20, 2016

Laynee loves...

Her baby doll,
wearing Brady's shoes, all the time,
eating raisins,
cuddling in the mornings,
going outside,
picking dandelions and white clover,
her blanket and paci,
being read too,
books about animals,
making us laugh,
feeding herself,
riding on the golf cart with Joe,
when Mamma comes to visit,
having her hair brushed,
drinking sweet tea,
raiding the snack basket in the pantry,
eating candy,
kicking a ball in the house,
watching Daniel Tiger,
Joseph, anything Joseph,
snuggling with Bethany,
Jenna carrying her to bed,
playing with Brady and Anne,
any stuffed animal she can get her hands on.
These are the last days of Laynee being the baby of the family. It's always a tiny bittersweet knowing that this season is forever ending. Our time being a family of 8, with Laynee being the baby has been such an amazingly sweet time, I'm grateful for her. I'm not really worried about how she will transition from baby to big sister. I think she is going to love having a baby in the house.
Everyday she is making new milestones and accomplishments, learning new words and putting more of them together. She surprises me when she often follows directions and obeys commands, but also shocks me when she squeals "ANNNE!" and they fight over toys, so loudly. Pretty soon we will be tackling potty training and taking her paci away, but I'm in no hurry. We love you so much sweet, sweet girl!
Hazel Update! I went to the doctor today and as I suspected she had turned and is breech again. Little stinker is being evicted on Wednesday. Praying she will be head down then but if she isn't, the doctor will attempt a version. Depending on the outcome I'll either be induced or have a csection.
I'm feeling good about whatever needs to happen and really just eager to have her out and can not wait to see her dear, sweet self! I'm excited!

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