Thursday, June 30, 2016

The big sibs meet Hazel

The kids had a long wait getting to meet Hazel the night she was born, but eventually they were able to come back and take a peek at her. Things didn't work out for them to hold her that night. Joe hadn't even held her yet when they came back. It was really late and I wasn't feeling too great. Joseph especially was dying to get his hands on her, my sweet boy. They all were disappointed not to get to hold her but took it well.
It was a late night, I was moved to the postpartum room at 2am and didn't sleep a wink that night. Afterbirth pains when nursing after a seventh baby are no joke. I basically needed a 4 day epidural to get through those things, but you know, I didn't get one.
The kids came up the next morning to get their hands on Hazel. Joseph was the first to hold her because he was the last to hold Laynee when she was born.

Thank goodness my mom and sister where there to take a few pictures and help with passing Hazel because I was paralyzed in the bed, tired, in pain and drugged. It was one of those many times you wish you could be in and taking in the moment but you just can't. The most important thing was it really wasn't about me anyway. They all got to snuggle with Hazel a few minutes each between nurses interrupting for a hearing test and blood sugar checks for Hazel. All the kids just loved her instantly and were good about passing her to the next person. Laynee was super cute with her, giving her kisses and rubbing her head. It was so cute watching her excitement holding Hazel. Laynee soon had had enough of the hospital and was melting down for a nap so our first picture as a family of 9 was anything but perfect, but 100% real life. And 1 crying kid out of 7 is pretty good! :)

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