Saturday, July 2, 2016

First week of Hazel

We brought Hazel home a week ago yesterday. It's been one of the fastest weeks of my life. Having it behind us feels good but it's sad to see it gone too. Overall, my recovery has been really smooth, I'm so grateful.
Hazel is just the best little baby girl. I joke that she came out acting like she has been the baby 7 times. She is very alert when she is awake and turns her head to look at me and Joe when we talk to her. She nurses like she has been nursing for months and she naturally goes to sleep after she eats and sleeps until it's time to nurse again. She fusses when it's time to eat but doesn't cry any other time. I am amazed at just how calm and sweet she is, such a great snuggler.
The challenge postpartum, has been getting my body to produce milk. It's been a full-time, around the clock battle and it still is my daily focus. Thankfully, I was able to stop supplementing formula on day 6 and Hazel started gaining weight on day 8. We are heading in the right direction, but still have work to do.
These two women are such a blessing to me.
My OB has delivered all 7 of our babies! When I was pregnant with Bethany I was so stressed she wouldn't be there to deliver her and I begged and pleaded with her to be there. Having her there every time has been a very special blessing for me. She has made good calls during my labors and worked with, and for me, to avoid a csection with Bethany, Laynee and Hazel's deliveries. I seriously considered doing something different this pregnancy because I was so burned out going to her office. 7 pregnancies in 11 years is alot of hours staring at the same waiting and exam room walls. The bottom line though, I couldn't leave her and I'm glad I didn't.
My other blessing is the lactation consultant I have had since Bethany was born. I have faced so many breastfeeding challenges with each of the babies and I can confidently say, if it wasn't for her encouragement and telling me to hang in there, I would have given up several times and probably even this time. I am so grateful to have her answer my calls and text and come hold each of my babies. These ladies support me in very important and vital ways, God has placed them in my life to help me accomplish this calling.
Then there is this amazing mom of mine... there really are no words for how much I love her and appreciate all she does for me and our family. Her love and care are entwined in everyday of my life and her support is bigger than I could ever describe. She cheers me on, she gives of herself and loves each of our kids for the individuals they are. I don't know what any of us would do without her. We all love you so much, Mom!
We have been eating some of the best food. Meals just keep coming to us via family and friends. I can't stop feeling overwhelmed that God has given us these people to share life with and my heart is full. We are grateful!
The kids are all in love with Hazel and don't get to hold her enough. They love having Joe home for summer and are spending hours outside building forts, getting wet and riding on the golf cart. The littles sit in his lap for hours everyday. They also discovered Anamanics on Netflix and have spent an unmentionable amount of time laughing til they cry, and then repeating lines over and over. What is summertime for anyway?
I'm so glad God decided to bless us with Hazel during the summer. I'm eager to see what all we can fit into this month but trying to soak up these simple but full first days with our girl. Each day is so precious and I'm trying to hold my breaths a little longer and remember every little bit. It's impossible, but I try anyway.

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