Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hazel One month old

I'm grateful for these first weeks of Hazel's life beginning during summer break. No school and Joe home for days! God is so gracious to give me the time to focus on her and myself while all of us adjust to life with a new baby, without the added responsibility and weight of homeschooling just yet. Things are feeling more adjusted and continually easing into our new normal. The newborn stage is becoming less demanding and I'm feeling more rested. The first couple weeks of postpartum felt as always precious and daunting, it's amazing how much strength and energy I have regained.
I'm also incredibly grateful for such a sweet-spirited and contented baby. Hazel rarely cries. Crying is always for good reason and as soon as she is picked up she stops crying instantly. She sleeps anywhere are 5-9 hr stretches at night more often than not. I still wake up tired many mornings but tired from newborn life is completely different and better than pregnancy tiredness. I do. not. miss. pregnancy aches and pains, sleepless nights, blood sugar checks and weekly doctor appointments. I don't miss not being able to bend over, not able to sleep on my belly, not being able to take Motrin and many other pregnancy ailments. It feels good to hold my baby girl and know that we made it! SO thankful to be through it and enjoy this beautiful gift.
Hazel hasn't been to the doctor for her one month appointment yet, but she sure has grown. I know how fast babies change and still it just floors me how quickly she is growing. I'm daily having to suppress any feelings of sadness and appreciate the gift of her growing.
School starts next week and I'm soaking in every last second of having Joe home to help, sleeping in later, not having to think about teaching reading, correcting spelling, explaining grammar, checking sloppy work and dealing with the attitudes and messes school adds to our lives. I was excited about the new school year until I pulled out all the books and suddenly the mountain of mess on my table overwhelmed all excitement. It's taken me 2 days to sort through and organize 4 grades, mostly completely from my lack of motivation, but it's finally stacked neatly and the pencils are sharpened. I'm feeling a little of the excitement coming back. More than anything, I'm praying for patience for this huge task before me and that the Lord will bless our effort.

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