Monday, July 11, 2016

The sibling photo shoot fail

It's been on my must do list these past two weeks, to get pictures of all 7 of the kids. I didn't have any major plans. I gave up high photography goals years ago, but getting pictures of all of them in their sibling shirts before they outgrow them was weighing on me. The way these crazies are growing, and the way life just flies right past, I was determined to get some quick pictures.
Lo and Behold, the night I decide to drag us all out in the back yard, a million, gazillion mosquitoes show up to eat us alive and try to carry us off. We all had bug spray on and they just attacked us by the dozens. I'm pretty sure we heard them laughing as we smacked each other.
I was very determined to get pictures but I couldn't handle it. I called it quits after we couldn't keep them off of us and no one could sit still for a picture and I lovingly got smacked in the eye when someone was trying to save my life from the Zika virus. So we made a memory instead of making some great pictures. I don't know that I'll get everyone back in their cute shirts all at the same time again, so here, check. done. 2ish pictures.
Laynee is at such a cute age. Some one asked me the other day if I'm sad about how big she is getting. She is so doggone cute, I just can't be sad. We all adore her and love hearing her learn new words and talk more and more everyday.
Her hair is coming in thicker and curlier, slowly but surely. I couldn't be happier! It is so sweet that God gave the red hair to my girl named after my grandma. The one in five girls with red hair is the one named after her red headed great-grandma. Then, just these past weeks, we realized that she is most definitely a lefty, our only lefty this far, also like her great grandma, Kathleen. I need a giant red heart emoji!! This just makes me smile!
Hazel is growing and still just a perfect baby girl. She is peaceful and quiet. She rarely cries and sleeps 5 and 6 hour stretches at night. We have been taking several day trips and she has been great at riding in the van. She loves babywearing as much as I do, which makes me so happy. She is awake and alert often, she will just stare and look around so contentedly.
I took Jenna grocery shopping and she convinced me we needed a $3, 6 pack of bubble wands. I figured they would make a decent bribe for my sibling photo shoot. Already promised, despite our short shoot and evil mosquitoes, they insisted on the bubbles. So after I had packed Hazel into the house I turned them loose in the front yard. It was worth all of $3 and more to hear Laynee squeal and repeatedly, sweetly talking to the bubbles as she reached for them, saying, "HI, Bubble, hi!!"

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Jessica Riggs said...

I love the pic of laynee walking with her hands behind her back.
Never a dull moment in motherhood... Especially getting smacked in the eye out of protection. Haha. Way too funny!