Thursday, July 28, 2016

This summer

  • We took our first family outings as a family of 9 to see fireworks.

  • We've eaten too many donuts and yet, I think we need one more donut morning before school starts back.

  • I made time for sewing sweet bonnets, I'm a little obsessed.
  • We visited Spring Mill State Park. It was our kids first time in the park and the pioneer village, but it was the first place Joe and I went together.
  • We checked visiting the Mary Todd Lincoln House off our places to see in Kentucky. It's an hour tour, the guy took one look at us when we walked in the door and said, "I'm sure it'll be more than ya'll will want to do with the little ones."  :) We loved the tour and I'm happy to say no one complained or broke anything. Our family really loves learning history, especially Kentucky history.
  • We saw Kung Fu Panda at a $2 movie.
  • Bethany, Joseph and Jenna have been doing Couch to 5K with Joe and my mom. Brady runs the beginning part with them.
  • We spent a very rainy day at Shaker Village.
  • I've struggled with having kids old enough to care about what I type into a blog post, {standing over my shoulder now.} Kids who want to know everything about the plans, the goings on and want to voice an opinion in most conversations. Kids growing up includes growing pains for every one.
  • We enjoyed having my brother in from Guatemala. He is a missionary so it's always a treat to have him stateside. He was able to meet Hazel along with 2 other nieces he'd never met.
  • We visited Ale8one and took the short tour for the second time. It's Joe's favorite soft drink.
  • I passed many hours, the last weeks of pregnancy, listening to podcasts from sarahannonline.
  • I am making my way through the easy to read but good  Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot.

  • We hiked to Natural Bridge and it was HOT! I was 3 weeks postpartum, I can't say I'd recommend it or ever repeat that but we made it and made a memory. It's a pretty trail and I'm sure we will go back. 

  • After Natural Bridge we mostly did a drive thru of Red River Gorge. That alone was beautiful, plus the Gladies Visitor's Center is hands on and fun for the kids.
  • I prepared most of our school year before Hazel was born and now I just need to clean out last years books and organize the new books. I'm most excited about Writers in Residence for our grammar this year.
  • I filled in my Ultimate Homeschool Planner for the year and ordered Brady's Kindergarten books.
  • Joseph was an honorary groundskeeper at a Louisville Bats game. We enjoyed a very hot and muggy night at the ballgame with the 4 oldest. Anne was supposed to go, but opted to stay home because she didn't want to sweat. :)  
  • We participated in our church's VBS, boy does that seem like forever ago now.
  • I've had chaos going on inside my head and heart. So much to say, but no time to write. It's all stuck, so many thoughts and feelings about my life, the lives around me, the world around me. Heavy, hard issues and hurts. Complicated confusion. I've clung to my daily life, the quiet hours, the simple tasks. I've labored to birth a baby and labored to figure out words to say and words to keep silent.
  • What a full summer it's been! So much has happened and changed but it feels really good, like it has lasted longer than expected. I've enjoyed the slows days resting but have equally enjoyed family time. It's been such a great summer and I'm grateful

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