Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wildflowers and wheelbarrows

As I type, I have two girls on couches watching I Love Lucy. Anne is cackling at Lucy bouncing across the floor, in a bed, as a train pass by. Bethany came down with the stomach bug today that lingered from last week. Anne has to sleep downstairs to be with Bethany because she is used to sharing a room with her. This stomach bug is a crazy mystery for sure. I have cleaned and sanitized, we thought it was done, yet is lives on.
The kids have spent many hours outside over the past week, away from stomach bug germs and in the sunshine. The humidity has dropped and the shade has been cooler. There is a hint that fall is coming. I've been rushing it with soup for recovering bellies and chili for an easy Sunday supper. We have been picking the last of the wildflowers and the Touch Me Nots gave Brady, Laynee and I some peaceful time out of the house this evening. Popping the seed pods is very relaxing.
We are still living with my mom as we continue looking for a house. While we have been here Brady took over her wheelbarrow. He has become very attached to it and pushes it all over the yard, transporting his treasures of limbs or dirt toys from one place to the next. I found the same wheelbarrow at a yard sale, for $10, last Saturday. I brought it home and he was so excited, it was like he got his first car. He told me the next day, "Mommy, my dream was to have my very own wheelbarrow. So this is my dream come true!"
The wheelbarrow now has it's own "parking space", outlined with rocks, next to his dirt pit. It gets lots of washing and shining and the wheels even get oiled. He asked if we could take it to Bernheim!! I love his little boy heart so much. Dirt under his fingernails and between his toes makes us both happy.

Last week was a long one, and this Monday started off alot like last Monday. I had terrible ear pain again but thankfully had my long awaited appointment with an ENT. The doctor said all the bacteria is killed off in my ear, good and bad, so now it is growing yeast and fungus. Lovely. He said this can be hard to get rid of and after cleaning it out, gave me an ear drop, used for athlete's foot, to use 3 times a day for 3 weeks. I also have a follow up appointment to clean it out again next week. Honestly, I am glad it's just yeast. After finally googling it because it has been a long time dealing with it, I was worried it was something more serious. Thankful it's just a nuisance and hopeful to finally get it better, even if it does take a couple more weeks. Ear pain like most pain, is no joke and sets my nerves on edge. It has made mothering harder than usual. I've had a hard time hearing and though you'd think that would be a good thing with 7 kids, it hasn't stopping the constant calls of, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Have a nursing baby to care for has been an added demand when I haven't felt well. I will be glad when this crazy fiasco is behind me for sure.
Hazel is growing so fast it takes me by surprise every morning when I pick her up out of bed. I found out today that is rolling from back to belly. The kids told me. I'm so used to things being moved by someone, I'd disregarded her rolls as one of the kids had moved her. She has started grabbing my shirt by the fistful when I hold her, it makes it that much harder to lay her down.
Jenna found a Hercules Beetle. She loves bugs, even when they pinch her. This big guy was the beginning to her big collection. He is now pinned and on display. The past week Jenna's top teeth have popped through, so cute to watch her new smile take shape after a year of being without her two front teeth.
September hasn't really gone the way I expected, stomach virus and a second month of chronic ear issues wasn't on my agenda. Life is busy enough without sickness. Some one is always running in or out of the house, some one is always hungry and most having a meltdown. There are constant messes and constant demands. There are dirty feet and lots of mosquito bites. We have fighting and name calling, but we also have lots of cute toddler moments and big siblings helping younger ones. Sometimes math is tortuous and other times I can't keep enough books on the shelves for all my bookworms. One thing the stomach bug is good for is making you thankful to be well, it's also good for clearing the calendar and enjoying things like the wildflowers and wheelbarrows.

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