Monday, October 10, 2016

Beautiful Bethany

I remember the day she was born, how I bawled and stared at her Polaroid picture, the nurse gave me, because she had to stay in the nursery. I remember how she loved to be swaddled tight. I remember holding close in complete amazement that she was the prettiest baby ever and she was ours. I remember the first time she smiled at me from her crib. I remember how she loved splashing with a rubber duck in the tub. I remember her bluest eyes and her rosy cheeks. I remember how crazy smart she was from the beginning.
I remember when she had the worst attitude about taking pictures, when she battled me daily about everything, when her leggings were sure to have holes in the knees, when she begged me to fix her hair and then immediately demanded I take it out because she didn't like it. I remember her packing her doll Mary Lou around under her arm and dressing in all kinds of crazy mismatched clothes. I remember her calling Joseph "Ophiff" and then "Ophie" and then "Jophie". I remember her locking me out of the house, standing on the other side of the storm door laughing hysterically, in her bathing suit, and then running off to watch TV with Joseph. I remember her climbing her dresser, one drawer at a time, and ripping up books at the top.
So many things I remembered while taking her pictures. I kept looking at the screen on the back of my camera, wondering what happened to not just my baby girl, but the challenging toddler and the little girl that came after. My eyes water even now. I'm so very proud of our Bethany Rose. She is beautiful, strong, level-headed, helpful, take charge, she has the best vocabulary and she loves to learn. She reads thick books, like Sherlock Holmes, and keeps me Googling word definitions. Someone who just met her recently described her as a "no nonsense kinda girl", they couldn't have been more right. She is 12 and I'm still just as amazed at who God created her to be and that she is ours.
I love watching her grow. She has overcome things that didn't come easily for her, she has faced challenges head on and learned to rely on the Lord for answers to hard questions. She has a strength I never knew a child could have and when her strength and desire for control were not enough, she has fought to find her strength in the Lord and peace in the truth that He is in control.
Her and Joseph still share a special bond that only 14 months apart can create. She started tutoring Jenna today, that makes me laugh a little, we will see how that goes. Not because Bethany isn't capable of tutoring Jenna, they just have very different personalities. Brady and her are quite alike so often they butt heads. Anne relies on Sissy alot, she is a challenge in herself but Bethany handles her bossiness well. In return Anne is very attached to Bethany. Laynee asks for Sissy first thing daily, she likes to snuggle with Bethany in the mornings. All the littles can be really strong and demanding and sometimes that makes for lots of fighting but other times Bethany brings order and helps me out constantly. Bethany is dependable and we all appreciate her capable attitude.
I refrain.
I just love her!

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