Monday, November 21, 2016

How Saying Yes to Hunting with Joseph Changed My Week

Last Sunday, I said, "Yes."

I had no idea how saying yes to Joseph was going to change my heart, how much joy it was going to result in and how much is was going to change my regular-everyday-life this past week. Monday morning, for the first time ever, I got up at 5AM to go hunting. I honestly didn't know if I wanted him to get a deer while I was with him. I didn't know if I'd watch him shoot a deer or close my eyes. We didn't see anything, he didn't get a deer, so I said yes on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we saw the deer and suddenly things became much more fun and exciting. As result, I've continued to say yes to taking Joseph hunting every time I've been able. Yes, 8 days straight. Yes to hunting 6 5AM mornings and 4 evenings. Yes, to climbing in a tree stand, heights are one of my most real fears. I do not like climbing up, I do not like being up high, 5ft off the ground is too high. My heart races, my hands sweat, my stomach hurts and I just don't do it.

I recently read Breathing Room and after letting some of the things I read sink in, I'm making changes. Changes in the choices I make, being more intentional in making choices that will make me happy. Making choices that help me do the things I enjoy and bring me joy. Investing my time where I want when possible, rather than where I feel I ought. Often times as adults and mothers we put all kinds of responsibilities and "have-to's" on ourselves that really are "don't-have-to's".
Secondly, I related to a chapter or two where Leeanna talked about self talk, how we talk to ourselves when we are going through a hard time, or even the things we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror. She made some great points about loving ourselves for who God made us to be, rather than wishing we were more like so many other women. Because of this seed that was planted, I hit publish on a silly little video I took with Joseph while hunting on Tuesday. I denied myself the mental battering of not loving how I looked or how I talked. I decided to be brave and embrace me for who I am and HAVE FUN!

That goofy video resulted in more videos, plus many texts and comments from friends telling me how hard they laughed and how my videos brightened their day. It blew me away, something so silly brought me joy and others as well.

It's been a week and Joseph hasn't gotten a deer yet. I have loved every minute of sleep I gave up to be outside with him. I have enjoyed spending a crazy amount of hours sitting in silence, freezing our tails off, watching for deer. I've laughed so hard I've cried. I cherish the memories we're making and I really, really hope he gets a deer while I'm in the tree stand or blind with him.

Joseph turned 11 earlier this month. I know sometimes we worry as moms about what life is going to look like when our precious babies, cute toddlers or fun little kids grow up. At least, I do. This past week hunting with Joseph has been a reminder that time with our kids is a continual gift. It's a continual learning who they are today and most of all a continual blessing. This saying, "Yes." has reminded me how powerful saying yes can be.

If you'd like to watch mine and Joseph's hunting adventures up til this point, you can watch the videos below. We are heading out in a few minutes and these videos are first published in my Stories on my Instagram.

UPDATED! Joseph got a deer the evening after I published this. The final video has been added at the bottom. What a memory we made together. This is Jospeh's third deer. He killed his first when he was 6! You can read about those memories here and here.

Hunting With Mom Success!! 6 from Miranda Rose on Vimeo.

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