7 years ago, in the crazy season of mothering 3 toddlers, I started Sippycups and Fingerprints. It became my way of focusing on finding the little joys and simple gifts around me.
I have been married to Joe for 12 years, these days can feel so long but the years are flying by. We are incredibly blessed to have our home filled with the noise of six children, Bethany, Joseph, Jenna, Brady, Anne and Laynee.
Blogging has been an incredible way for me to chronicle these early years of motherhood, because let's be honest if I don't blog it I can't remember it.  And I desperately want to remember every little thing about these years.
I hope you will be encouraged as you read about our life.  I am learning to listen for that still small voice, amidst crying and whining.  To rely daily on God for His strength and new mercies each morning.  This life is a journey, I want to savor the sweet moments I have with my little ones, and the way God uses them to teach me.  He is growing me, right here and now in the dailies of marriage, motherhood, homeschooling and friendships.
This is a blog, we are not perfect.  I don't have it all together and that is the last thing I am trying to portray.  Actually, I want to portray the complete opposite, that I am real and that I struggle like everyone else.
I need God's forgiveness and grace.  I am a work in progress, in my own strength I am not enough, but thankfully Jesus is always enough for me.  I pray this will be a place of honesty, that glorifies the Lord.